Valorant Executive Producer reveals game replays are in the works

Published: 2023-01-25T21:05:34

updated: 2023-01-25T21:05:40

Anna Donlon, the Executive Producer of Valorant, has revealed that more is coming to Valorant than what was teased in the recent Dev Diaries, including replays for matches among other things.

Donlon and Valorant Game Director Andy Ho laid out what is set to come to Valorant in 2023 and a Dev Dairies video released on January 24. The two teased the release of new modes like Teamdeath Match, Valorant’s port to consoles and the path-to- pro system in Premier.

The next day, Donlon teased another feature that Riot Games is working to add to Valorant, game replays.

“We typically don’t talk about those things until we can make firmer commitments around dates or share actual details… mainly out of concern we might hype things up sooner than we should, over-promise, etc. But really, we should chat more ,” Donlon said in a follow-up tweet.

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Riot has yet to add a replay system to Valorant of any sort, so if players want to watch their own gameplay they will have to record it themselves.

Even if they do that, players that wish to see what the enemy, or their teammates, were doing in a recorded match would not be able to.

Valorant pros react to replays tease

Introducing replays into Valorant would be a boon to the esports scene as well. Valorant esports players and coaches have not been able to properly watch back tape of their team with the full scope of the map for every round since the game was released in 2020.

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Players coming over from CS:GO, a Valve title that has full replay integration, have been calling for this feature since they switched over to the Riot esport.

The professional community has reacted almost in disbelief at the news, but many seem overjoyed in response to the announcement.

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