[WATCH] King Charles greets ‘Ramafosa’ in mangled SA languages ​​(shem, he tried!)

Charles did make an effort and Ramaphosa’s delightful expressions are quite entertaining.

“South Africa, like the Commonwealth, has always been a part of my life,” said King Charles on Tuesday in his first state banquet speech in honor of President Cyril Ramaphosa.

He refers to him as “Ramafosa” – a common mistake by native English speakers.

Charles then welcomes him in various South African languages, to the clearly visible delight of Ramaphosa who says ‘Wow!’ to every greeting.

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The King also told the story of how Madiba affectionately called his mother “Motlalepula”, meaning “to come with rain”, cracking a joke about his country’s dreary weather.

Charles alluded to South Africa and the UK’s deep relationship, which goes back centuries, and his country’s problematic colonial past.

“There are elements of that history which provoked profound sorrow, and it is essential that we seek to understand them,” said Charles.

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