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Messaging platform WhatsApp earlier this month introduced in-chat polls which eventually started rolling out for both iOS and Android mobile users. However, with the new update users will now be able to use the in-chat polls for desktop/web users.

Similar to how this feature works on mobile devices, desktop/web users will be able to create a poll with up to 12 options for answers.

By using this option, anyone will be able to choose a single option out of all the other options.

Interestingly, the in-chat Polls chats feature works for both groups as well as personal chats.

All those confused as to how to use this feature, well here’s how you can use WhatsApp polls on the desktop/web platform.

Start by opening WhatsApp Web on your browser. Now, go to a group or a personal chat and simply tap on the attachment button. This button will be situated on the bottom left side of the screen, next to the emoji icon.

From the list of options, tap on the first option named Polls. Using this option, you will be able to create polls for voting. Along with this, you will also be able to keep 12 options as answers.

In this poll, you can also use or implement emojis.

Once all of this is done, tap on the send button situated on the extreme right-hand side of the screen.

Upon making and submitting the poll, all other people in the group or chat will be able to see or vote from the poll.

Lastly, all should keep in mind that polls once created cannot be shared or forwarded. However, users can react or reply to it.

Other than this, WhatsApp has now come up with a helpline for desktops in the works to notify users of new announcements, tips and tricks and more.

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