When does Cyno release in Genshin Impact?

while most Genshin Impact characters are either completely secret until they are unveiled or uncovered a short while before they are released, a select few were teased by miHoYo around when the game launched and have yet to arrive in Teyvat.

One such character is Cyno, an Electro Polearm character who players have been eagerly waiting for since he was unveiled about two years ago.

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Following the massive Genshin Impact Sumeru Version 3.0 update that brought the long-awaited arrival of Dendro as a playable element through five-star Dendro Bow character Tighnari and four-star Dendro Bow character Collei, players are already wondering when they will be able to attain other leaked and upcoming new characters. While most of the release dates for future characters are still unknown, some upcoming characters’ official release dates have been unveiled, including the release date for the five-star Electro character Cyno.

When is Cyno’s banner in Genshin Impact?

Cyno is the General Mahamatra of the Sumeru Akademiya, which means that he enforces the strict ruleset that the school governs upon the researchers attending the Akademiya. Those who use knowledge for what the Akademiya believes are wrong reasons or seek knowledge in ways that go against the Akademiya’s rules will face Cyno’s wrath.

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The pursuit of knowledge is an essential aspect of the Sumeru Akademiya, but equally as important is practicing academic integrity. Thus, Cyno works extremely hard to ensure that no one violates said rules and that if they do, they are caught and reprimanded for doing so.

The immensely dedicated Cyno will arrive to deliver justice in the Version 3.1 update of Genshin Impact on Sept. 28, 2022. He will be the first new featured five-star character of the update and will appear with an increased drop rate on his featured “Twilight Arbiter” banner. Controversial four-star character Candance will debut alongside him on this banner as well as alongside five-star character Venti, whose rerun will occur simultaneously with Cyno.

Image via miHoYo

The “Twilight Arbiter” banner with Cyno will run from the time that Genshin’s Version 3.1 update goes live until around halfway through the duration of the update. It is currently unknown when exactly his banner will end, but players can likely expect it to run for around three weeks before it is then replaced by the debut of five-star Hydro Sword character Nilou and the rerun of five-star Geo Sword character Albedo .

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